by Jason Woolfe

Loss adjuster Miller International is planning to expand while sticking to its core areas of major construction and engineering projects.

The company, spun off from the failed Miller Fisher group last year through a management buy-out, has gone on to buy out the minority stake held by its bankers and become totally independent.

Managing director Ian Porton said the next step would be to look at spreading the group's geographical influence. "We believe there's tremendous strength to our business. We are able to stay niche and provide more focused service to those markets than perhaps some of the larger companies.

"When we expand it will be in those product line areas and in some of the geographic regions where, at the moment, we're a bit thin on the ground."

Porton ruled out acquisitions of other companies, but said he would be interested in taking on new staff.

"We are totally committed to finding the best expertise we can for the work we do," he said. "This type of business is only as good as the people it employs."