Sacked whistleblower Monty Burn claims he has been denied his day in court concerning the operation of the mortgage industry's watchdog.

Burn shocked the insurance industry in July when he went public with allegations in his self-styled Mortgage Bible.

He alleged widespread mis-selling of mortgage-linked insurance policies, in particular single premium Accident Sickness Unemployment cover.

Burn was set to challenge his former employer, the Mortgage Code Registration of Intermediaries Council, now the Mortgage Code Compliance Board, for unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal.

But he was forced to drop his case on a technicality.

His lawyer advised he would be unlikely to win protection under the Public Disclosure Act, for employees who disclose information in the public interest, since he had forced his employers to buy copies of his Mortgage Bible.

Burn said: "The Act says whistleblowers lose protection if they are seen to profit from their disclosure. But why should I give my employer free copies of my book when they had sacked me."

Burn has meanwhile launched his own mortgage advice company Monty Burn Mortgages which pledges to have no conflict of interest.