I read with great interest the letter by Justin Jacobs: "ABI speaking with one voice." (Letters, 15 June)

I understand perfectly the rationale behind the insurer proposals as articulated by the ABI. It is about costs - first, second and third.

References by the insurers to fair treatment of claimants are for the ears of the politicians. The ABI is being driven in these proposals by a handful of the largest insurers, who in turn are motivated by demands for shareholder return.

The most recent example is in the area of rehabilitation. The insurance industry has sought to attack claimant lawyers for being inactive in seeking treatment for their clients. Yet, one well-known insurer has decided that there are ‘no financial benefits' from physiotherapy for whiplash injuries and they will no longer support this treatment. Furthermore, they will challenge claims for reimbursement of charges for such.

Tim Gorman
Motor Accident Solicitors' Society