RAC providing legal protection package for vehicle insurance purchased via dayinsure.com

The internet based insurance provider dayinsure.com is to offer its customers motor legal protection provided by RAC Legal Services.

The partnership will see RAC providing its legal protection package to drivers who require immediate short-term vehicle insurance purchased via dayinsure.com. This will include 24-hour legal advice, replacement vehicle cover, uninsured loss recovery and legal defence.

RAC's package will be welcomed by drivers who require insurance on a daily basis, such as when a customer takes delivery of a new vehicle or where there is a need for a temporary vehicle such as a hire car or van.

Steve Coppock, managing director of dayinsure.com, said: "Where immediate short term insurance is required, RAC Legal Services will come as standard to our customers taking out insurance cover - providing peace of mind that their legal services will be covered should the worst happen."

David Fulker, business development manager for RAC Legal Services, commented: "RAC's legal protection package provides comprehensive cover in the event of an accident and is a real added benefit to an insurance policy. RAC will continue to work closely with the broker market to provide value added solutions to help increase their competitive edge."