All pet lovers are familiar with that tear-jerking moment when Rover is put into kennels or Puss is handed over to the next door neighbours while their human owners jet off on holiday.

But that will soon be a thing of the past. From the end of this month, beloved pets will be able to join the fun in the sun - and they will be insured.

DCT Travel Insurance is now offering cover for pets as an additional add-on to its existing travel policies.

Rob Smith, DCT head of travel products, said: "Although there are those who will think the idea of pet travel is a little far-fetched - particularly overseas - you have to consider the number of people with holiday homes abroad which they may visit two or three times year."

After February 28, when the 100-year-old quarantine laws are dropped, cats and dogs will be allowed unrestricted access to the UK from certain EU countries. This is provided the animals are micro-chipped, blood-tested, vaccinated against rabies and treated for ticks and tapeworms.

This is where DCT Travel Insurance comes in. It is offering cover for pets as an optional add-on to its existing travel policies.