It features a business impact assessment tool to help identify potential threats

Allianz has launched a website to support businesses and brokers in managing the threats they are exposed to and navigate the changing risk landscape.

It claims to also keep customers safe and comply with relevant legislation by providing guidance on a wide range of risk topics from traditional fire or flood to newer challenges such as data management, cyber threats or managing mental health in the workplace.

Independent research commissioned by Allianz found that half of SMEs would welcome further information from an expert source about the many risks facing their business.

The online survey conducted by OnePoll looked at 500 senior decision makers in SMEs.

Approximately 16.1 million people are employed in the SME sector and these businesses have seen a growth of 26% in number since 2000, according to Allianz.

The SME insurance market is estimated to be worth £8.3bn by 2020.

Andy Miller, technical loss control engineer manager, said: “With a fast changing digital and legislative landscape, as well as traditional threats, businesses need support from the insurance industry, and many will turn to their brokers. Our site has a wealth of information on a huge range of topics which are designed to help keep your clients’ businesses open.

“It’s crucial that risk management issues are taken seriously, and I believe the Allianz Risk Management site will become a valuable tool for businesses. It should complement the key role that brokers already play in educating customers and raising awareness of this important topic.”


Users can browse by hazard type, look up specific trade guidance and keep up to date with legislation relevant for their businesses.

It features a business impact assessment tool to help identify potential threats to their organisation’s continuity and understand how to mitigate these.

Although the site is available to everyone, Allianz customers will be able to access telephone consultations and supplier discounts.