Aviva research showed that 92% of consumers would choose to manage their claim themselves if they could

Aviva customers can now choose to book their car repair and courtesy car online themselves and track the progress of their car repair at any time.

The new portal, called Your Car Repair, allows customers  to choose from a selection of repairers, the date and time for the repair, while also booking a courtesy car, all at the same time.

Research driven

According to research by Aviva, 92% of consumers said that they would choose to manage their claim themselves if they could. The main reasons for using an online self-booking facility were choice, flexibility and control.

Aviva said it receives more than 180,000 claims for repair every year and, on the back of this, Aviva built Your Car Repair from the customer’s point of view to ensure that every repair claim is handled quickly, while giving the customer control.

How does it work?

A customer would have a crash, or would suffer damage to their car. They would then use the Aviva online portal or ring the company directly. 

If the customer rings Aviva, it will offer the customer the opportunity to manage the claim themselves, by referring them to the Your Car Repair portal.

Since launching the self-service capability last year, Aviva has seen nearly 4 out of 5 customers (77.5%) choose to manage their repair claim themselves. And of those customers who choose to manage the claim online, 4 out of 5 customers (81%) track the claim from beginning to end.

“We recognise uncertainty”

Andrew Morrish, claims director, Aviva UK GI, said: “We know most customers don’t make a claim very often, so we recognise there can be some uncertainty when it comes to making an insurance claim. Our aim is to make it easy for customer claims to be paid quickly and with a minimum of effort.

“Nowhere is this more true than motor claims. Being in a car accident can be a stressful experience. So when it comes to making a claim for damage to your car, we want to take the pain out of claiming.

Put the customer in control

“Your Car Repair was designed and built for our customers to make claiming easier, faster and to put them in control – over where their car is repaired, when they drop it off and collect it, and allowing them to track the progress of the claim from start to finish.

“The feedback we’ve had from customers has been fantastic, as has the number of customers who choose to manage the claim themselves, with nearly four out of five customers opting to manage the claim themselves.”