‘We’re helping to break down the stereotype that insurance is a staid, boring world of grey suits,’ says group chief executive

Insurance administration software provider Genasys has today (1 April 2024) confirmed its sponsorship of insurance-based PC game Insurance Simulator 2024, in a bid to encourage young talent to choose a career in insurance.

The hotly anticipated game, developed by independent studio InaudibleMirage Studios, will be released on 1 May 2024 via online gaming platform Steam.

Using scenarios designed by real-life actuaries, the management simulation game will enable PC players to establish and run their own insurance businesses.

Gamers, therefore, will be able to hire and deploy underwriters, delegate authority to MGAs – while personalising customisable authority levels, product lines and risk appetite – open new global offices that adhere to local regulations, as well as manage catastrophic events and natural disasters, reviewing the impact of these events on their portfolios.

Aspiring insurance business owners will also have full control over investment decisions within the game – including marketing budgets, compliance, HR and distribution – and be able to choose their own technology frameworks.

Mini games additionally allow players to build comprehensive policy wordings, negotiate with brokers and conduct M&A.

Thinking ’outside the box’

For Genasys’ group chief executive, André Symes, the software firm’s sponsorship of Insurance Simulator 2024 is a new and important way to “really show up in spaces where our future insurance super stars engage”.

Speaking exclusively to Insurance Times, he said: “If as an industry we’re genuinely serious about finding next gen talent then we have to start thinking differently. We’ve got to think outside the box.

“Sponsoring this initiative aligns with our Genasys ethos to think differently about insurance and to be creative in our approach to attract next gen talent.

“We’re hoping that by shining a light on the realities of managing a successful insurance business, we’re helping to break down the stereotype that insurance is a staid, boring world of grey suits, which certainly isn’t the Genasys experience.”

Genasys worked closely with InaudibleMirage Studio to develop Insurance Simulator 2024.

Ian Trelom, head of InaudibleMirage Studio, added: “We couldn’t be luckier in finding and collaborating with Genasys.

“The knowledge and understanding of the industry that Genasys has bought to this project, along with [its] many ideas, has undoubtedly taken the game to new heights and we can’t wait to see the reaction from players.”