It is part of the firm’s vow to create a sustainable environment 

Biba has pledged to go greener than ever before at its conference later this year in Manchester.

Mentioned within the ’Ethical and sustainable trading policy’ chapter in its 2020 manifesto, announced at Parliament yesterday, the trade association said that it understands its responsibilities on sustainability.

Biba’s chair Jonathan Evans said: “The Biba Conference and Exhibition is an enormous industry event and we are committed to making it is as sustainable as we possibly can.”

This announcement follows recent ongoing news on climate change, such as Extinction Rebellion and the New South Wales bushfires.

Keen on green

To achieve its green objectives, Biba will be encouraging sustainable values and local suppliers where possible at its upcoming conference in May.

Biba will be recycling all carpet into pellets to be upcycled into playground equipment.

Bamboo lanyards and recyclable badges will be used too, as well as using sustainable and biodegradable materials for its brochures.

Plastic straws and cutlery will not be provided - a more sustainable material will be used - and all food waste will be composted to be burned down to create energy. Attendees will also be encouraged to refill reusable water bottles at water stations.

Recycling skips will be made out of wood, metal or glass.

Meanwhile, exhibitor guidance will be given to encourage organisations to maintain stands in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Finally, Biba will use LED spotlights and eco wiring systems throughout the conference.

Energy efficiency

But, by far Biba’s biggest challenge for sustainability is the energy efficiency of the conference building itself, with 75% of heat being lost through its fabric.

Biba has called on the insurance sector to “do more work” in the area of green repairs and to aim to rebuild and repair in an environmentally responsible way.

Greener finance

In July last year the government published its Green Finance strategy after recognising the need for a greener, low carbon economy.

Biba is launching a new green finance toolkit for its members; this will provide guidance on sustainability and how to demonstrate awareness of environmental issues.

Ian Cooper, partner at Lockton Companies, said: “Every business has a role to play in society that goes beyond our core trading objectives.”