The insurtech’s founder says he’s ’no longer a one-man band’, so wanted to make a statement with a business name change

Insurtech Worry+Peace has today (31 January 2022) rebranded to Peaccce, also known as

The rebranding aims to draw a line under the insurtech’s previous activity, to enable it to start a fresh new chapter in its growth trajectory.

James York, Peaccce’s founder, said: “I’ve obviously been around a while - this venture is entirely new and different. Honestly, to call it a journey would be an understatement.

“I am no longer a one-man band. That’s all changed. So, I wanted to make a statement. [The new name is] totally unique, but I wanted to retain connection to my experience.”

Worry+Peace received nearly £500,000 of angel investment over the course of 2021, which has supported the firm’s continued growth of both its team and technology.

Three C’s of insurance

Pronounced “peace”, the insurtech’s name change has been designed to represent the team’s ambition for the insurance industry’s future - where the centre of insurance is the buyer and tools act as affordable and simple guide rails for providers.

The triple “c” in the spelling of Peaccce represents the “3 Cs of insurance”, according to York. These are claims, cover and cost. York believes these three elements are fundamental to the insurance sector and its reputation.

“The era of price price price is dead dead dead,” he said.

”The era of value is upon us - providers adopting our ecosystem as their own will gain [through] our relentless focus on helping buyers consolidate their insurance, find those [that] pay claims, provide good cover and do so at a reasonable cost every year. Insurance is social and so are we.”

The insurtech had an unlikely path to being a tech venture - it started as a wedding and engagement ring insurance intermediary business called Insurance4everyone, which was founded in 2009 by York and his father. This morphed into Worry+Peace in 2015.

York continued: “Peaccce was born, literally, during the pandemic. Looking back, obviously a lot of ’worry’. That word had to go.

”This also cuts the ties to the brand’s insurance selling past. I am so grateful to our great group of angels and with their continued support helping us create heaps of value, I’m proud to be building a team of peacccekeepers. Our name is now simpler and reassuringly relevant.”