’We care about the brokers we work with and we want their businesses to be successful,’ says head of broker proposition and distribution

Zurich UK is looking to “lead the way” in shaping broker-insurer relationships in the UK market following the launch of Zurich Club Blue.

That was according to head of broker proposition and distribution Georgina Davis, who told Insurance Times that creating a “real partnership is paramount to a successful and collaborative relationship”.

Zurich Club Blue, which was announced last week (2 May 2023), aims to enhance trading relationships with independent regional brokers.

A statement said support will be provided in three areas, including futureproofing, professional development and ease to trade.

Davis told Insurance Times that the insurer’s objective was to move broker relationships away from just transacting business and focus on “evolving [broker and insurance] businesses together” in “one of the most challenging markets” it has seen so far.

“Creating a real partnership is paramount to a successful and collaborative relationship,” she said.

“Honesty, aligned values and clear strategy – all of these things allow us to help our brokers to be successful.

“We recognise the importance of dedicated relationships with regional support and local expertise, allowing us to be responsive to the evolving needs of our brokers.”


As part of the new club, Zurich specialists will share expertise with broker partners on D&I initiatives to help futureproof their businesses.

The club will also allow brokers to access a network to help develop talent within the industry.

Davis said Zurich Club Blue was a testament to the insurer’s “dedication and enthusiasm” for their regional relationships, emphasising that relationships “remain at the heart” of Zurich’s operations.

She added that it was “crucial” for Zurich to offer brokers more in-depth information, with the new club offering “tailored support to align [Zurich] with [its] brokers’ trading framework, demands and needs”.

“Brokers face increased pressure to deliver in line with sustainability targets – the futureproofing element of Club Blue is dedicated to support brokers through future challenges through initiatives such as joint charity days, support services, D&I wellbeing and support,” Davis said.

“War for talent also remains an industry challenge and our proposition is aimed at supporting brokers with professional development.

“We care about the brokers we work with and we want their businesses to be successful.”