Leads distributor, paaleads.com, today announced its launch into the general insurance market…

Home and motor insurance leads to intermediaries through a qualified by telephone (QbT) service, is the new offering from Paaleads.com.

The company says that home and motor insurance leads will give brokers greater choice in lead types available to help expand their business, with the added benefit of enabling advisers to know where the leads originate, and see how each lead is qualified by telephone, as QbT transcripts are displayed.

The home and motor leads can also be broken down into specific types so the adviser can target only the exact business he wants.

In a release, Vanessa Blount, head of paaleads.com, said: “At paaleads.com we are continually looking at different lead types to expand into. We feel general insurance leads have great synergies with our existing lead types, and our clients' needs. We are excited to launch into this market and expect to continue our lead type expansions throughout 2007.”