IPRS launches phone-linked device to monitor daily health of personal injury claimants

Rehabilitation specialist IPRS has launched a handheld, remote monitoring device, which it says will reduce the cost of personal injury claims and workplace absences.

The Personal Health Device allows daily monitoring of a patient, enabling a case manger or insurer to track the recovery of a claimant and update treatment programmes when necessary.

Patients using the device fill in a daily questionnaire, which is then transmitted along with a reading of their heart activity, to IPRS via a phone line.

The device could also be used to monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and asthma, said IPRS.

"All input data will be fed straight through to our clinicians, who could use it to tailor treatment programmes and assess recovery," said IPRS managing director David Bingham.

He said the information could be relayed to an employer, who could determine how long a claimant was likely to be absent from work.

It would also provide the injured party with instant access to professional medical advice when needed.

Bingham added: "It's not just about monitoring the patient, but about helping them to improve their condition."

The device would be incorporated into IPRS's standard packages, at the request of the customer, at no extra cost.

The device could also be used as a preventative measure, said Bingham.

"High net worth individuals who suffer from high levels of stress through their work will be able to monitor their general health on a daily basis, and identify any potential conditions."