The Metropolitan Police is to launch an initiative that will help it communicate with businesses in the event of a terrorist attack.

The project, known as Quick Time, would assist the police to disseminate timely information to businesses, if a terrorist event occurred.

Assistant commissioner of special operations David Veness said that it was vital that if there was an attack the police could contact the business community. He said that on 11 September the police wanted to tell businesses in London that there was no risk of planes flying over the capital, but they could not do that as the infrastructure was not in place.

"We are now close to developing a system for getting that information out," he said.

AXA property insurance manager Neil Mercier welcomed the move. "The quicker the information could be passed on the better," he said.

He added that it could reduce the disruption caused by the fear of further incidents, which could cripple businesses and exacerbate losses.