I was more than a touch surprised to read the sycophantic appraisal afforded to Nick Prettejohn by the usually level-headed Christine Seib (Comment, 20 October).

No offence to Nick, but very few wept into their ales at Balls Brothers over news of his departure - or perhaps they did a damn good job of putting on a brave face. Prettejohn made a name for himself by establishing the franchise board, but to give him credit for the market's reaction to 9/11 is stretching it a bit.

And then his darker moments - Kinnect cost over £70m and for what? The management of the whole thing has been a fiasco and it now looks like even more money will be required.

What too of the great central fund fiasco? Does Seib not recall the £152m settlement made to insurers by Lloyd's over 'discrepancies' with the central fund earlier this year?

Nick's tenure was not a total disaster but neither was it the golden epoch Seib evoked.

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