More Th>n Sm>rt Wheels to reward safe driving with cashback

more than smart wheels

RSA is targeting young drivers who do not drive that often with its first ever black box telematics policy – and will give them cash to reward safe driving.

More Th>n Sm>rt Wheels is primarily aimed at drivers under 24 years old, including those who drive a parent’s car, and gives them feedback on their driving style via a smartphone app.

If drivers display safe driving RSA will give them up to 10% of their annual premium back on a pre-loaded Visa card. If it spots dangerous driving, RSA will intervene with a phone call.  

Drivers will buy 12 month policies ranging from 3,000 miles to 25,000 miles. Installing the black box will allow RSA to monitor how many miles are driven far more accurately than it would be able to with standard policies.

Global telematics director Kenny Leitch told Insurance Times: “Mileage is a very strong rating factor, so someone who’s driving 10,000 miles is exposing themselves to more risks than someone who’s driving 5,000 miles.

“We will let people buy the miles that they want to and can afford or that they think they will use. It will be more attractive to people who drive less.”

RSA will monitor whether drivers are using more or fewer miles than they had planned. If they drive more, it will warn them that their policies will expire before 12 months and let them buy more miles. 

The black boxes will be supplied by Trak Global.

The policies are currently sold via Google and Comparethemarket. RSA will start a marketing campaign aimed at parents later this month.

Sm>rt Wheels is the second telematics product RSA has launched. In January it rolled out an app which targeted more experienced drivers by offering them a 20% discount if they could demonstrate safe driving before taking out a policy. It is also one of three insurers on the panel of telematics broker Ingenie.

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