A third site for platinum brokers is due to open in Edinburgh next month

RSA has opened its second platinum trading site in Leicester to facilitate face-to-face deals between its experienced underwriters and top commercial brokers.

This is RSA’s 11th trading site, alongside Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Horsham, London, Ipswich and Redhill, but is the second that is aimed at its top performing brokers.

A third site in Edinburgh, which has been actively trading since December, is due to officially open in February.

The insurer said, following feedback from brokers, the trading centres have been designed to enable RSA’s platinum brokers to drop in and do business on a face-to-face level with senior underwriters in an environment where trading decisions can be made “there and then”.

The risks that will be written face to face, as well as over the phone or online, range from marine, construction, engineering, renewable energy to professional indemnity.

The East Midlands site will employ 11 members of staff, including nine trading underwriters.

In September the first trading centre for top brokers was opened in Redhill, Surrey, where RSA’s 15 most senior underwriters in the South East were assigned to act as the main contact for each of the 22 key brokers RSA had identified as platinum.

RSA commercial managing director Jon Hancock said: “This move reflects our ongoing commitment to building stronger relationships with our brokers, by providing local access to the best of our products and experts.”

“After the successful launch of our Redhill office last September, it’s brilliant to be opening this new trading site in Leicester.”

RSA trades with more than 2,500 brokers, but derives about three-quarters of its premium from about 100 platinum brokers across the UK.

RSA has said its move to open trading centres for top brokers does not affect its relationship with other non-platinum intermediaries who continue to trade with RSA by phone and electronically.