The ABI welcomes the current debate in Insurance Times on the small claims limit (Letters, 17 August).

In our paper, published in July, 'Improving the small claims track for personal injury', we highlighted three key reasons why the small claims limit must rise: it is a quick, accessible and efficient process for delivering fair compensation to claimants; an increase is necessary to ensure the track once again covers many minor injuries, which have fallen out of the track due to claims inflation; and an increase is desirable to enable claimants with other simple personal injury claims, such as the majority of whiplash claims, to use it.

It is farcical for anyone to argue that the limit should remain at its 1991 level despite claims inflation and claimant satisfaction with the small claims track. As the debate shows, only those willing to defend their narrow vested interest at all costs are prepared to do so. The time for change has come.

Justin Jacobs
Head of liability and motor insurance