SSP has transacted its first live policy via its integrated Imarket panel which is currently in pilot phase with a small number of brokers.

The software house said Imarket integration had been achieved with three insurers, AXA, Allianz and Norwich Union, for three business lines – Shop, Office and Tradesman. The policy was transacted by A1 Insurance Services of Wetherby.

Ian Darnbrook, managing director, A1 Insurance Services said: “I was very impressed with the simplicity of the system and how the comparative quotes were displayed. The system is very intuitive so does not require a great deal of training and means that we no longer have to use individual insurers’ websites to check rates.”

Martin McLachlan, Polaris managing director, added: "We are very pleased with the progress that has been made. The fact that a major IT provider has achieved integration across a panel of insurers and business lines will have a significant impact on the number of transactions made via imarket as the solution is rolled out to more brokers.

“We have already seen transaction volumes more than double in the last 12 months and this will drive further growth.”

Steve Bow, SSP’s intermediary director, said: “This is good news for SSP’s customers, who will benefit from access to another channel and efficiency improvements.”