It was with some concern that I read the letter from Neal Courtenay, commercial director of Belfor- Relectronic. This letter appears to be suggesting that a disaster management company has no responsibility for the effective and efficient hand over of a building between restoration and refurbishment contractors.

At Amey Vectra, we have always believed that it is the responsibility of a contractor to make all relevant parties aware of the condition of a building following flooding, escape of water or any other incident.

If a building has been affected by water it follows that these parties should be made aware of how damp a building is, if any immediate strip out is required and why this work is necessary. All relevant parties should then be kept fully in touch with the drying process and with the progress of the drying programme. Once drying work is completed and equipment withdrawn; this dialogue will mean that all parties are left in no doubt as to what level of refurbishment is required.

It is an easy option to blame other contractors and, perhaps, too difficult to face up to one's own shortcomings.

Cathryn Taylor
Business development manager
Amey Vectra