Financial Services Authority (FSA) managing director John Tiner has seemingly risen to prominence in the business community through the eponymous Tiner Project - the FSA's plan to overhaul insurance.

Backchat asked him whether the title creates the wrong impression of him - think Bond baddies, stroking white cats and hatching plans for world domination. He replied it came about by chance.

"When we were working on drafts, every few sentences mentioned the Project for the Future Regulation of Insurance," says Tiner. "I asked them to come up with something a bit snappier and that's what I got," he says with a shake of his head.

It seems, too, that future broker regulations are impinging on every aspect of Tiner's life. He told Backchat that while he was in Boots in Dorking with his wife last weekend buying shaving foam, he spotted that the company offered travel insurance, which started him thinking about the scope of broker regulations and whether third party retailers should be included in them or not. It's nice to know that the issues are at the forefront of his mind, but...