It’s a dog’s life for some key workers.

Badger consultants, dog psychologists and vibration consultants are just three of the unusual job titles that have become commonplace in today’s business vocabulary.

According to Hiscox, there has been a steady rise in the number of non-traditional businesses looking for insurance policies to cover their unusual businesses. Alternative jobs on the increase include:

• Badger consultants – advising people how to keep within the laws protecting the nocturnal animals.

• Dog psychologists – analysing the behaviours and characteristics of troublesome pups.

• Vibration consultants – nothing risqué! These are people who advise on - and correct - vibration and noise problems for construction companies or manufacturers.

• Painting authenticators – the teams who see through art fraudsters to differentiate between true versus fake paintings;

• Saddle consultants – for equine lovers who want to ensure they’re having the most comfortable ride possible and that their horses have the perfect riding accessory.

However, even the quirkiest of professions have a serious side to them, says Hiscox. Gary Head, director of business insurance at Hiscox UK, says: “In today’s compensation culture, it is unfortunately all too easy to imagine a customer suing their dog psychologist if their dog continues to eat their slippers, or somebody taking their feng shui consultant to court if they’re not happy with their home’s energies.”