Software house continues expansion.

Insurance software houseTransactor Global Solutions has announced that it is to open an office in Auckland, New Zealand.

The move is designed to provide an enhanced service to their internet broker client base through offering 24/7 coverage.

The New Zealand office, due to be fully operational in early 2009, will enable brokers’ websites to be serviced overnight instead of throughout the day, avoiding busy periods and costly out of hours charges.

Danny Kingston, customer service manager, Transactor, said: “Transactor is continually finding ways to enhance the service that it gives to our broker client base. One area that we have looked at is how we can help to enhance the service that brokers give to their clients.

“Brokers want their websites serviced when their clients are not using them, to avoid any loss of income. Through making this a priority day job in another time zone, brokers receive the service they need without the additional costs of an out of hours call charge.”

The New Zealand office continues the growth of Transactor. Established in 2003, the Company, which provides complete insurance solutions, ranging from front end through to trial balance using modern and flexible Microsoft based technology, already has offices in Winchester, Milton Keynes and Halifax, with further expansions planned.