A proud family has launched a crowdfunding plea for ill gran stranded in Mexico with $72,000 bill after travel claim rejection

A great-grandmother is stranded in Mexico after falling seriously ill on a cruise ship and then having her bank travel claim refused.

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Joyce Kettle, 74 (pictured), thought she was covered for the cruise - but the bank policy, underwritten by Direct Line according to the family, only covered Europe.

She faces a medical bill of $72,000 bill after she suffered breathing difficulties and was airlifted to a Mexico hopsital where she had heart surgery.

The family has launched a fund to bring her home, saying: ”We’re desperate to see our loving mam & nana and we’re missing her and the worry is crushing us hourly but at this time we have to consider how we’re realistically going to get Joyce back on home soil and deal with an eye watering medical bill.

“We’re a proud family and never anticipated having to do anything like this but we really need your help, no matter how small it is, as we simply don’t know how else we’ll get my mam back to us.”