UK is gripped by internet purchasing the fastest

The UK’s price comparison site culture has made it the European capital of online purchasing for insurance, significantly outpacing other European countries. In the UK, 27% of insurance buyers use a price comparison site, compared with 16% in Germany and 14% in Italy.

UK consumers are also more likely than their European counterparts to use comparison sites, blogs and other online resources when researching purchases. Among UK buyers, 57% use the internet for research, compared with 32% across Europe.

By contrast, personal contact remains at the heart of purchasing culture throughout much of the rest of Europe, particularly at renewal, when extending cover or making a claim. In France, just 19% of consumers research purchases online.


RankCountryPercentage of respondents
who have bought through
a comparison site

The Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012, conducted by Ernst & Young, interviewed 8,532 consumers of life and non-life personal insurance products between August and October 2011.