We revamped our renewal letter to conform with ICOB 4, ICOB 5 and the FS(DM) regulations. Our new letter is now three pages in length - without adding the extra pages required to send out our initial disclosure document, policy summary, new policy wording and extended renewal notice from the insurance provider.

But the feedback from our customers is very disturbing. Staff are having to apologise and explain the implications of regulation. The most upsetting phrase is 'demands and needs'.

"I've never demanded a thing in my life," they reply. Surely 'requirements' would be adequate and more user-friendly."

Another reaction is: "What's all this about, I haven't bothered to read it. You've looked after me and the family for over 20 years and I'm happy with that."

While I acknowledge that there have been, and are, rogue elements in the industry, surely the broker, whose majority clients are almost family friends, could have some input over the phraseology of the renewal letter.

J Portwood (Mrs)
Director and company secretary
B Portwood & Co

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