Empathy and proactive management are the keys to cutting claims and costs, argues David Sandhu

We have saved our clients millions of pounds each year by simply being open, ethical and reliable.

By asking claimants at the source of accidents some simple questions, our staff can start fighting against frivolous claims. As part of the process we ask whether customers or passengers have suffered an injury that required medical attention and whether they want to pursue a personal injury claim. If they say no, we record it.

If there is a claim, we try to manage it proactively using a panel of solicitors with fixed fees and fixed procedures. With one insurer we saw the frequency of PI claims from motor accidents fall 12%.

Most of the claims that go through AI Solutions' fast-track system are whiplash claims that are settled for less than £3,500.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of claims Auto-Indemnity has handled in the four years I have been claims director, we have not litigated a single one.

Ninety eight per cent of our claimants say they are satisfied with 70%-80% of claims being settled in three months.