It was interesting to read Elliot Lane's take on Biba, Brighton (Comment, 4 May). However may I offer an alternative outlook?

I am one of the broker delegates who attended Brighton - in fact I have attended the last 10 Biba conferences. While I accept that the access to halls C and D was not ideal, I found the exhibition layout better than many previous events. The reason? We were not in a cavernous hall with the accoustics of an aircraft hanger. I was able to hear what the exhibitors had to offer. The smaller, individual halls also meant I was able to review a particular section fully before moving on to the next.

I would also take Elliot to task over his assertion that grass-root brokers feel ignored by Biba. As a high street 'community' broker I feel very well served by Biba.

In conversation with many other smaller brokers, both those who attend Biba conference and others, I find that we all seem to find Biba worthwhile. Let's not lose sight of the initiatives Biba offers, from schemes, through BrokerAssess to specialist training days in London and around the regions. In addition Biba has a very sound regional network supporting the local broker.

As a grass-roots broker, I found Biba Brighton most worthwhile and have already made a note in my diary for next year. See you there Elliot.

Ian Mantel
Manor Insurance