Already the national newspapers have downgraded the Independent story. Other news has taken its place; coverage of

Independent is more casual, less cutting edge. Sunday's nationals delivered almost nothing that wasn't already known in this office.

And yet the story is still only beginning to unravel, and the financial and social fall-out from this catastrophe will continue for weeks and months ahead.

That puts a duty on Insurance Times to stay with the story and to give, as far we can, the most complete coverage in any newspaper or magazine. We have already begun to lead the field. Last week, we broke two major stories:

  • The second ledger. Insurance Times was the first to publish the existence of a second claims ledger, held separately from the main and official ledger.
  • The sharp rise in share dealing before the profits warning in early February. Insurance Times researched the facts and broke the story – 4.8 million shares traded the day before the profits warning.

    This week, we have again broken the big stories – the redundancies, the run-off, details of the class action and Premium Credit's withdrawal of legal threats against personal lines policyholders.

    We undertake to stick with the story for as long as it takes.

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