Guy Browning takes a sideways look at insurance jargon

P is for
Par value -Cost of golf club membership

Parity clause -Long toenails like a parrot's

Payment in lieu - Annoying system of having to pay for clean lavatories

Peril Cheap washing powder

Persistency rate - Measure by which women assess men's nuisance value

Pilferage - Taking things from the fridge that don't belong to you

Pirates - Trendy form of yoga

Plaintiff - Common spat as opposed to unusual argument

Policy fee - Backhander for foreign police

Portability - Test for promotion involving massive consumption of port

Port risks insurance - Phone number of Alcoholics Anonymous

Proposal - Something women only want from a kneeling position

Proviso - Picturesque Italian resort

Pseudonym - Broker in a black polo neck

Quotation slip - Accidentally passing on gossip that was meant to be secret