Yet another report from the FSA voices concerns at the failure of PPI providers to treat customers fairly and more rhetoric about how this situation will be tackled.

We know the sales information is unclear, we know there are issues surrounding exclusions and the suitability of cover, and yes, we know customers are unfairly 'encouraged' to purchase single premium polices. What we don't know is when exactly the FSA and others will stop prevaricating and get on with implementing tougher regulation. Oh but we do know... the FSA says it will publish yet another report, considering whether new rules are required, in Q1 07 and something might take effect in Q4 07.

It's all very well the FSA issuing top tips to help consumer identify whether PPI is right for them, but I suggest it concentrates more on the providers who should be getting top tips on how to sell these products. The ABI has also jumped on the bandwagon and it too is offering advice to consumers to help them understand this product. Why isn't the ABI concentrating on its members at the other end of the 'food chain'?

We all agree there's little evidence the industry is taking steps to improve the situation, so please everyone, stop working on all these so-called action plans and do something tangible now.

Simon Burgess, Managing director,