Having read the letter on service levels (31 August), I totally agree with 'name and address supplied' that a poll from your readers would be a jolly good idea.

I have completed countless surveys re insurance companies and still nothing changes. I no longer complete surveys as they seem to be a waste of time.

I am sure I'm one of the last to find this out but being a bit naive I thought surely insurers don't spend all that money on surveys then take no notice of them - sad isn't it.

Top of my list of worst insurers in relation to service is by far Norwich Union (NU), mainly because we are left waiting on the phone indefinitely at great cost financially, and in time.

It keeps re-issuing policy documents - again more work for us - then we have to dispose of the old documentss, more wasted trees, it loses paperwork (or as someone from the NU once told me, they bin it).

It is forever issuing wrong documents and this is in most departments, personal and commercial.

I look forward to the day when I no longer have to deal directly with NU. EIG is one of the better insurers. Unfortunately, in recent months Fortis has slipped from being quite good to not very good.

Overall, we spend about 25% of our time chasing insurers, it really is not good enough. Come on, let's get that poll started, let's name and shame.

Name and address withheld