Willis has signed a deal with Cheshire Datasystems Ltd (CDL) to use its CDL Classic private client broking software.

The broker will use CDL Classic on its motor, household and travel business.

CDL Classic combines a quotation engine along with a comprehensive back-office administration system that is updated daily.

The software enables brokers to take an inquiry, generate a quotation, process payment and issue documentation in the duration of a single call.

"We're using CDL because they provide the quotation system, the backup, the word processing, the claims and the accounting all on the same system." said a Willis spokeswoman.

Earlier this year, CDL launched the intermediary network Rebroke.net.

Rebroke.net enables intermediaries to pass business to each other and retain commission on the business rather than losing it to a competitor and receiving nothing.

Last month, it was revealed that Budget is in negotiations about making CDL its preferred IT supplier.

Budget has told one of its current suppliers, Software Solutions Partners (SSP), that it will cease using its systems in 18 months' time.