Esure has received such a good response for those irritating Michael Winner advertisements that it will make even more.

This is according to Michael Winner himself, who told the Daily Mail last week that esure boss Peter Wood had suggested over lunch that he consider another stab at it.

The paper also quoted Winner as saying that the ads creator Greg Delaney was not best pleased at the proposition. Delaney would rather "resign the account" than make another, he said.

Esure spokesman Adrian Webb told Backchat the full story. "It is true we are considering more ads. They are irritating, but have that annoying edge which means people can't get it out their brains.

"It has stickability and we have no problems about that."

And Delaney? "Well we have decided to bring the agency management in-house, so it is true that Delaney will have no further part to play in the future.

"These ads are not about winning awards, but making people recognise that esure offers a fair deal" he added.