Withersnet has added 12 superstructure contractors to its panel.

The national network of subsidence repair specialists will provide a ‘one stop shop' for clients wanting above and below-ground structural repairs.

Co-founder Rob Withers said: “Our web-based systems ensure we are well placed to meet the service expectations of our clients. Contractors are selected because they compliment each others' skills and the regions they cover.

“They're allocated jobs and given deadlines for completing each stage of the claim. This is measured using a traffic light system and warnings are given when a deadline is looming. Because the contractor has to input into the system, we can see at an early stage if there are going to be capacity issues and address them accordingly.”

“Because it's a network run by contractors for contractors, it's more autonomous. We have one central point for admin, work allocation and reporting procedures and our clients have 24/7 access to supplier partners who subscribe to common professional standards. Contractors can only join the network once they have met stringent capacity, service delivery, health & safety, technical and financial criteria.”