The author of your article "Are you esure he knows Utley?" should remember that the secret of comedy is timing. His sense of timing is so poor, he will never make it.

He states: "esure seems further away than ever from mounting a serious challenge to Churchill and Direct Line."

Using the words "than ever" for a brand that has been trading publicly for just 11 months is one clue that his sense is going bad.

However, he compounds this by comparing esure's progress in this short time (300,000 motor policies) against a mature Direct Line or Churchill.

When I left Direct Line after nearly 15 years, I left a legacy of a great brand built on huge value and excellent infrastructure, unlike the messes that some departing entrepreneurs have passed on.

However, to show I have no hard feelings and that your readers know better than your reporter, I will be happy to supply a bottle of nice champagne to the first person who can tell us via Insurance Times how long it took Direct Line to reach over 300,000 policies in force.

Peter Wood

Chairman, esure