Case highlights problems that Ireland is suffering on whiplash claims 

A judge heard that a woman’s address had been used six times in 14 months for claims. 

In yet another contested whiplash claim in Ireland, which has payouts three times the size of the UK, the barrister acting for the Zurich customer said he was concerned there was fraud of a contrived nature going on.

The 32-year-old woman, claimant Linda Baltcepure, whose property had been used in the multiple claims over 14 months, has now withdrawn the €60,000 claim against the Zurich customer.

Barrister Paul McMorrow said Ms Baltcepure’s two-bedroom property, had been used as the address in six car crash claims between January 2015 and April 2016.

McMorrow said the address had been used in a number of very similar claims where the claimants had been rear-ended after their brakes had been slammed on.

Overall there had been “an astonishing number” of similar applications for damages claims, he told the court, according to the Irish Independent.

The judge dismissed Baltcepure’s, awarding costs against her, adding it was now a matter for the police.