A busy week as I fit in premiership football between fielding claims farmer nuisance calls


I’ve opted out of the automatic telephone calls from payment protection insurance claims farmers, but the phone still rings twice a day. Give me strength …


I write a briefing about Aviva and LG’s successful year with personal lines brokers. It seems they’re back in fashion.


A broking entrepreneur tells me his high street brokers feel like “little bits of shrapnel” when it comes to insurer service.


An amusing weekend watching the Chelsea game - a seven-goal feast - with MCE founder Michael Edwards. Who said the FA Cup had lost its magic? A broker tells me the financial strength rating of insurers is becoming key to decisions. I can see pressure on insurers intensifying once the European Central Bank’s sugar rush of cheap loans to banks dries up.


It’s deadline day and our recently appointed news head (UK & global) Alex Wright is chasing down the front page.