Norwich Union's big guns have lined up to explain the thinking behind the recent merger and how the company will go forward. Everyone will be watching the progress like a predator watches its prey.

Both previous companies had been through mergers before, with varying amounts of success. Will they get it right this time?

It would be easy to knock them. October was the date the new company promised its logo and an equal clarity about what would happen in the future. Sure, Patrick Snowball and his henchmen have spelt out a great deal, but there are still uncertainties.

The future of units many brokers rely on, such as Planet, Bonus and Sabre, are unclear. That is not good. Fear alone, about the future of these units, could be their downfall.

But brokers should be wary of such actions. Rushing decisions can lead to the wrong decisions. CGU rushed many of its merger decisions, almost as a reaction to broker complaints about the slowness of the Royal & Suanalliance integration. The result was a brand launched in a rush, and discarded with equal speed.

NU still has some convincing to do. It has achieved a great deal in a short timescale but the market expects more. Intermediaires should remember that if NU gets it right, the wait will have been worth it.