Ailing brokers and garden animals have much in common

It was a million to one shot.

When Christopher Jordan, managing director of RefusedInsurance, heard that there were two albino hedgehogs fighting for survival in Norfolk, he had to sponsor them – for life.

With only one in 10,000 hedgehogs being of the red-eyed variety, finding two in the same litter was something of an omen.

So much so, the broker decided to immortalise the duo – known as Harry and Henrietta Hodge – in its logo, which reads: “When nobody will touch you, we will.”

Yet the sponsorship at the Hopton Hedgehog Rescue Centre, which happens to house 200 hedgehogs in a shed measuring just 14ft by 8ft, proved slightly cheaper than expected.

Having arrived at the centre to greet his new mascots, Jordan was mortified to discover that Henrietta had passed into shadow just the night before.

The good news is that everything’s gonna be all white. According to Jordan, Harry Hodge is “growing fast and thriving well.”

Backchat is glad to hear that not all things like or pertaining to hedgehogs are going down the tubes.