British insurers are scoring highly with the public for service, finds a survey by Accenture, formerly Anderson Consulting.

At polling points across Britain, 373 adults who had made a claim in the past three years were asked for their views on insurance companies' service and on whether they had made dishonest claims.

More than four-fifths, 81%, of claimants thought their treatment by claims departments had been fair.

The service was seen as being courteous by 85%, efficient by 74%, and only 12% of claimants found their insurance companies to be unhelpful.

Most people also said they were honest. Some 15% said they believed that “everyone claims for more than they lost”. Only 6% of those aged 16 to 34 admitted to making at least one dishonest claim.

And just 1% of those aged 55 and over admitted the same. Those aged 16 to 34 were far more likely to think that if they had made a dishonest claim “the insurance company would never catch you”, compared with those aged 35 to 54.