RoadSafe Schools launched to improve safety on the roads for school children

Open Road

AXA has launched a campaign aimed at assessing and improving road safety in areas near schools.

AXA said that every day seven children in the UK are injured or killed in traffic accidents and that schools and nearby areas should be a “safe haven for the UK’s children”.

AXA campaign leader Amanda Edwards said: “The safety of our children is paramount to all parents and teachers.  There are still far too many injuries and deaths of children while on their journey to and from school so we want to spearhead a way to analyse and develop safer environments for school children.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support promised from those we have approached and we look forward to working closely with them throughout the campaign and beyond. These are the experts who have been analysing and highlighting child dangers for many years therefore their input will be invaluable.’’

The campaign is run in conjunction with road safety charity Brake, Road Safety GB and The Good Schools Guide.

Brake general manager Sarah Fatica said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with AXA on their RoadSafe Schools project, to help schools campaign effectively for safer road conditions in their local area. The number of children killed and seriously injured by vehicles whilst walking and cycling is still appallingly high, and we are looking forward to assisting AXA and local schools in securing measures such as 20mph limits and safe crossing places, which play a crucial role in allowing children to walk and cycle safely in their communities.”

Sandra Hutchinson, of The Good Schools Guide, commented: “Education is clearly one of the most important parts of choosing a school; but a child’s safety is vitally important to parents and teachers alike.  We’re excited about the AXA RoadSafe Schools project and can see it becoming an invaluable tool for children, parents, schools and local authorities who will be able to compare, to encourage and to highlight safety around schools.”