Backchat spent Friday evening in the company of loss adjusters at the 60th birthday celebration and annual dinner of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters.

Given his usual experience of loss adjusters, Backchat was fully expecting to be told that his crème brûlée and coffee were not covered under his ticket anyway and that he would have to pay a £50 excess.

Nothing could have been further from the truth and Backchat had a wonderful evening. He heard a rumour, though, that the event may not take place again because the large firms now take so many tables they wonder if they are getting any value from it.

Backchat wondered whether a rejig would be better than abandonment. The evening has remained a highly formal and traditional affair and then, afterwards, the event breaks up into several smaller events hosted by various firms. Backchat couldn't help but think that some entertainment that kept everyone together in the main hall would make for a more communal evening and better networking.

It would, coincidentally, mean Backchat avoiding having to have a drink in every single hosted room, leaving him with a much lighter hangover the following morning.