Do you manage the sort of company that doesn't answer telephone calls very quickly? Do you have a voicemail system and call option system that grates your customer every time they ring? Do you never let a human being answer the phone but encourage them to pick up the messages, misinterpret them and then alienate your clients by carrying out inaccurate instructions incorrectly?

You do? Then don't worry. Even if you do lose your job in the insurance industry you can always work in television.

Backchat rang Channel Four three times to ask for a new picture of Nick Bateman in Big Brother but got a voicemail message every time. And every time, Channel Four sent the same picture. Eventually, after holding through the call waiting options on the main Channel Four number, Backchat was put through to someone who said: “I can't help you, I just answer the phones.” It was a relief to get back to calling insurers.