Backchat would never wish upon anyone the circumstances that lead to an insurance claim but, on the other hand, is always pleased to hear about senior insurance execs having to make claims.

And so he is intrigued to know just how well Groupama – that other global insurer that hails from France – handles the claim of one of its managers. Our hero has, so far, not let on his or her seniority within the company.

This person's grown-up daughter is still confined to her room after damaging both her parents' cars, while both were stationary in the family driveway. Having arrived home in dad's car, she opened the door, let it slip, and the door slammed into mum's car, damaging that too.

Both parents have so far called Groupama, to chase up the claim and Backchat can't wait to find out if they feel it was dealt with in the appropriate manner. (Word is, mum, has let daughter have some dry bread and water while the claim is handled.)