Backchat is often in the dog house but a couple of loss adjusters happened to reveal some of true stories about dogs recently that made him howl with laughter.

A chum from Ashworth Mairs Group told how a gas explosion in a house had been investigated due to suspicious holes in the gas pipe that had caused the leak. It turned out not to be sabotage, but the family dog who had chewed the pipe.

The “Old Shep” had been in the house when the explosion happened. The trusty cur had not been killed in the blast but, sadly, had been deafened. Having survived this ordeal, the mutt promptly snuffed it anyway because it didn't hear a car coming and ran into the road.

And Backchat's old mucker in Crawford's had a canine tail of his own too. A family was so angered by being burgled that Dad bought a pedigree Great Dane to protect their home. On the family's first night away they were burgled. The only thing stolen was the dog.