The excitement of St Paul's entry into the solicitors' professional indemnity market proved too much for one of our learned friends when she went into labour on the way home from the launch party.

Helen Ager – PI partner at Crutes in Newcastle – had attended the event in the Royal Armouries at Leeds on Monday July 3, and had been dropped off by her colleague partner John Parker at Darlington station to complete the last lap of her journey by train.

“Although she was perfectly safe in the first class lounge, something in my water told me to go back,” Parker told Backchat. “Helen's water was delivering a similar message.”

After a 40-mile dash to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, Helen successfully gave birth to a fine baby boy weighing in at 5lb 6oz – five weeks ahead of the due date.

David Drewe, Crutes' lead PI partner, added that Helen is always very organised and it was typical of her that her personal life did not interfere with the client's party.

A spokesman for St Paul told Backchat: “At the time of going to press the child remains unnamed, but ‘Paul' has not been ruled out.”