Bank holiday weekend was spent, like for so many others, on the back of an AA van, as one of Backchat's four cylinders decided that it too deserved a holiday.

The AA driver really was a very nice man. And what stories he had to tell. But it wasn't the long list of celebs he'd had in the back of his cab that interested Backchat. It was the couple he described who needed their clapped out old banger taken home after it had broken down at the ferry port just before they set off on holiday.

The couple, according to Dave the driver, had admitted that they knew the car wouldn't make it and had left early so they would have time to get the breakdown sorted out and the free AA hire car signed over to them well in time for the ferry crossing as scheduled.

According to Dave, he was not the only AA driver to have experienced this. Backchat wonders how much of the AA premium income is for such dodgy claims, but then, he's not really bothered as he had to claim himself for a write-off in Spain several years ago and found the service superb – and still for less than £50.