Marketing experts Rarrigini & Rosso Group were more than chuffed with their choice for the launch of the company's 24 hours a day, seven days a week internet-based service: Iceland, the land of the midnight sun.

But they got a little fright the night before the 80-strong group of journalists and insurance heavyweights arrived for the two-day trip.

The R&R team was fortifying itself in a Reykjavik bar when they met some of the locals who were more Viking-like than they had expected.

After the first few fights had broken out, the mild-mannered marketing gurus beat a hasty retreat back to their hotel rooms before they became embroiled themselves.

So it was no surprise when Backchat and his fellow journalists turned up the next day, that the one item on the itinerary, which was never completed during the exhausting but highly enjoyable stay, was the trip to the "local bars".

"There just was not enough time in the day," explained chief executive Julie Rodilosso.

But hats off to R&R which spared no expense for the launch of '24 7 Broking' – a chartered plane, activities through the day (whitewater rafting, horseriding, swimming in the blue lagoon etc), and the slickest launch presentation Backchat has seen in the insurance world, which included a troupe of dancers.

The bloke-dominated insurance audience sank a little lower in its seats when a solitary male dancer pranced around for a few minutes, but they perked up again when he was joined by his female colleagues.