Biba is to provide brokers with guidance on how to alert the FSA of firms trading non-compliantly.

Steve White, regulation and compliance manager at Biba, said the association will be writing to brokers detailing the evidence they need to supply the FSA to back up a complaint.

He said Biba will provide a list of the types of information that brokers should be collecting to send to the regulator.

"The FSA is keen for information, but is looking for things it can work with. It wants to know who, where and when," he said.

He added that Biba would be prepared to pass information to the FSA on behalf of brokers if they did not want to deal with the regulator directly.

White said the guidance is expected to be sent to brokers by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, the FSA said it had completed its review of the mortgage perimeter this week.

It has now embarked on an investigation into the level of unauthorised trading in the general insurance market.

An FSA spokesman said: "The perimeter team can now focus on both the primary and secondary intermediaries in the general insurance sector."

The investigating teams are understood to be tackling the UK region by region.

Sources said the teams had started in Scotland last month and would be pushing south over the coming weeks.